Top 6 Reasons why you should hire Chartered Accountant

Accountants can help out at various stages during the growth of your business. They can handle much more than just your payroll and tax returns. Why should you consider hiring an accountant for your small business? Check out our top 6 reasons below.

Reduce your expenses

At Acuity, we are familiar with a your field, product and demographic. We continually analyze business data and look for places to trim unnecessary expenses. We can help look at your expense and offer more cost effective options. Lower costs translate to higher profits.

Boost your income

All businesses rely on a steady flow of cash. We can help you optimize and regularize revenue stream by overseeing accounts receivable, improving debt collection and advising wise investments.

Free up your time

Managers and business owners have enough to do without having to deal with the minutiae of taxes, compliance, payroll, insurance, leases and expense tracking. You should be focusing on generating revenue, not preparing financial statements.

Handle tax matters

When your business was small, you may have been able to handle your own quarterly payments and annual filings. As a company grows, taxes and payroll become much more complex with the new variables and regulations. We will help you keep up with legislative changes and help you remain in compliance. With in-depth knowledge of how to maximize deductions and minimize tax bills, we help you save money!

Navigate regulations

Taxes aren't the only aspect of your business a governmental body oversees. Companies big and small face a growing need to be on top of regulations. We can help you understand the regulations and make sure you are following all regulations.

Create forecasts

A CPA is trained in analyzing large data sets and advising business owners on what they can expect in the future. We can help you build models and make data-backed projections for the next quarter or fiscal year.

Our Services

Income Tax Return

We file ITRs of Individual (Salary, Business & Profession), Companies, Partnership firm, Trusts etc.

Accounting services

We help you with affordable bookkeeping and accounting services

GST Registration & Filing

We provide expert help on Invoice format, GST rates & HSN Codes.


We do Income Tax, GST, Statutory audit and various such audits at affordable prices.

TDS Return

We guide on rates, provisions of deductions and all related to TDS.

Company Formation & Registration

Get expert advice on Company formation & registration. All ROC filing,